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Magento 1.8

By Tom , 18 , Nov 2013

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Magento Community Edition 1.8   Those who use Magento know the 1.8 version has arrived. Many have been waiting to check it out before using it, so this article will .. Read More →


Magento how to display error messages

By Dennie , 06 , May 2013

| displayerrormagentomessages

This tutorial helps you how to display error messages in Magento. Default Magento shows the error code that does not tell much about the error. To make the error readable .. Read More →


Change Magento session timeout

By Tom , 06 , May 2013

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Magento sets the admin session by default to expire after 3600 seconds (1 hour). This is how to change the session timeout System > Configuration > Admin > Security Set .. Read More →


Magento Google Analytics

By Tom , 03 , May 2013

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Google Analytics is a Google service which allows the monitoring of your websites traffic and more. Magento Google Analytics supports two types of tracking: Page View Tracking: Lists the origin from .. Read More →


SEO for Magento

By Dennie , 03 , May 2013

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Magento is one of the best search engine friendly e-commerce applications. The SEO for Magento can be enabled through the admin area > System > Configuration > Web > Search Engines .. Read More →


How to change magento theme

By Tom , 03 , May 2013

| changemagentotheme

Once you picked a theme and opened it, click Install Now, select the Magento Connect version (if you are using Magento 1.5 or newer, select version 2.0, otherwise leave it at .. Read More →

magento Google Analytics

More magento performance, less load with noatime

By Tom , 18 , Apr 2013

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This is great if you have a server that performs plenty of disk access operations and you are interested in speeding things up a bit and get more magento performance. .. Read More →

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Howto install Redis magento cache

By Tom , 18 , Apr 2013

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Always see a lot of back and forth between Memcache and APC but havent seen much talk about Redis. Noticed some talk about Magento performance and cache issues which brought .. Read More →