Today i will describe a common problem with a slow performing magento shop. Magento is build from many scripts(5000+) which are all read on every request. This could load your server and slow down the response of the server for the visitor. To reduce the load and immediately the time of your request we could decrease the output with enabling compression at php level.


We will compress all the php output, do make it smaller which will increase the speed and also increases the requests per second.


To enable such compression we need to open the php.ini and look and change the lines:


Change  ;zlib.output_compression = Off TO zlib.output_compression = On 


Change  ;zlib.output_compression_level = -1  TOzlib.output_compression_level = On 


Once we’ve changed this you only need to reboot your apache/php-fpm server and then you’re done and compression is enabled. You can double check this in your phpinfo page.