This is great if you have a server that performs plenty of disk access operations and you are interested in speeding things up a bit and get more magento performance. Here is how to do this in three steps. First some assumptions:


  • You have root access
  • You are the only one that will ever need to mount or unmount this file system
  • Running CentOS (this may work, but was not tested on any other linux server)
  • Want more performance in your magento server


This is what we are doing:

  1. Editing /etc/fstab to set the noatime and nodiratime flags for the file system
  2. Remounting the drives/file systems (without rebooting)
  3. Checking our work


Step 1: Edit the /etc/fstab, type:


vi /etc/fstab


Add the noatime, nodiratime flags right after the defaults flag in the “/” root mount partition. Repeat to all the partitions that you wish to speed up. Here is how my fstab file looks like after the change (click to enlarge):




Step 2: Remount the file system:


mount -o remount /

Step 3: Check our work:


cat /proc/mounts
Now you're done. Your shop will use less I/O for every request and will be faster, the load will be lowered on the server.