Magento Community Edition 1.8


Those who use Magento know the 1.8 version has arrived. Many have been waiting to check it out before using it, so this article will take a few minutes and delve into the release. The timing cannot be better – the holiday season is upon us after all.


Magento is now wholly owned by eBay. Many were worried about this, chiefly because the whole idea of open source is to avoid serious commercialism. This is likely why Magento is on 1.8 and not 2.0. What does 1.8 offer, then?




A natural headache for many, tax calculations have had some improvements. This means accuracy updates and a fix for rounding errors. Be sure to test everything if this is an upgrade – but specific attention should be on the calculations portion.




Magento is not speedy and takes quite a bit of a computer’s resources to function optimally. The checkout process is a bit better, as are the cache adapters for single servers. The Redis cache adapters are updated for multi-server systems.




200,000 Magento store owners means security is necessary and paramount. The update has continuous improvements in this area. Browsers will not store names or passwords. This may be a headache, but the security is the reason. The technical side has its share of improvements as well.




Price Rules, Credit memos, payment methods, data import and the Shopping Cart are all updated.


USPS Update


USPS changes the names in some API servers; Magento was immediately patched. The change is in the 1.8 version.


There is not much in the functions, but keeping the version up to date is always wise. Test first; experienced users know the importance of this.

Magento 2.0, where are you?