Speed Magento


If you are running an online business on Magento, then increasing your sales is the main goal. The more money coming in, the better off you are. Getting sales however depends in large part on improving the conversion rate of those who visit your online store. The conversion rate is simply the number of people who buy your products and services from the total number of people who visit your website.


There are many determining factors in increasing the conversion rate from the quality of your website content to installing better payment features. All too often, the actual changes that really need to be made are not so obvious. One of the most overlooked is also one of the simplest, which is page speed.


Why is Speed Important for your Magento eCommerce Shop?


Slow Magento page speed can undermine the conversion rate of your online business for the simple reason that most consumers expect quick response and performance before placing an order. It’s true that most people will expect a webpage to hang if the connection is not perfect. Once the impression that the entire website is slow sinks in, you will have more people simply leaving your online business which affects your bottom line.


For most online business owners, page load speed is often overlooked because when they first launched their website, it was considerably faster because they had less items, pages, graphics, images and traffic. But as they add more pages, more products, images and their customer traffic increases as well, the page speed slows down considerably.


What are the Benefits of Improved Magento Performance?


Emphasizing speed Magento website performance means that you create a more customer-friendly website that responds quickly when the look over your product or services, select what they like and pay for it. Here are some other reasons why you should look at improving your overall page speed.


Better Web Management: To improve website speed, you must reduce the size of images, graphics and items that require more memory so they can download faster to customer’s computers and mobile devices. By being aware of how new images, videos and other large items, you can better manage your website speed.


Higher Google Rankings: Page speed is one of the many considerations that Google makes when determining search engine rankings. Webpage speed is part of the overall quality of content your website provides for consumers. While you still need good, high quality content and fully utilize SEO techniques, your Google rankings will improve.


More Sales: Customers like websites that run quickly, so your conversion rate will go up. Sales is about making a positive impression from the moment the customer finds out about your business until they enjoy the product they have purchased from you.


Naturally, website speed is only part of the entire sales push, but it is a very important one that often gets overlooked when trying to improve your sales conversion rate. Improving Magento performance is only part of the answer, but it is one you will need to consider when trying to improve your bottom line.