Free Shipping


There are many different aspects to consider when it comes to ways of increasing your sales. Even having the best products does not guarantee that your sales will pick up, so you will need to employ some simple eCommerce tips to help you increase sales and promote your products to a wider audience.


When it comes to Magento marketing methods, one of the simplest and most useful tools for increasing sales is offering free shipping to your customers. Free shipping is one of the more attractive means of helping customers make the final decision to purchase your products. What follows are a few solid eCommerce tips on how to use free shipping to increase sales for your online business.




In separating your online business from the competition, you have to offer a shopping experience that best suits the needs of your customers. In fact, making the shopping experience easier is often cited as one of the biggest reasons why people will make a purchase with a particular company.


Free shipping is one of the alternate costs to purchasing an item online that can stop many shoppers. While many people enjoy purchasing items online because it can save them money on paying state taxes, assuming the sale takes place from another state and in-store markups. Shoppers also know that shipping cost can add more money to the purchase price making the product less appealing.


By removing the shipping costs, you remove a consideration for customers to not purchase from your online store. This is especially true for customers who buy several products at once because they understand just how much money will be saved. Many potential customers have been lost just before the final purchase because they saw how much the shipping cost would be.




In general, shoppers spend more money when offered free shipping. Because there is no added shipping cost when ordering multiple items, shoppers will tend to spend up to 30% more because of the greater overall value that they receive.


This is one reason why free shipping makes for a great promotion as customers feel that they are taking advantage of bargain prices and not being clipped by shipping costs. In turn, this creates a greater positive feeling towards the online business which will only build up their brand and reputation. By establishing this positive relationship with free shipping, customers are not only more likely to purchase today, but also in the future as well.




Another advantage of shipping items for free is that it makes you a player on the global stage. Free shipping is often associated by customers as being a part of a highly successful business. Plus, with millions of people joining the internet every month, shipping items for free is highly desired in countries in many countries that otherwise would have to pay very high fees to receive those items.


A recent study reported in demonstrated that online sales in China and Indonesia grew by almost 70% in 2013 alone. This means that there is real demand for products from online businesses and free shipping can be the key to competing with larger retailers.