Finding a good hosting company


Now that you have made the decision to move online with a webpage, contracted someone to build it, and have everything in order, it is time to find someone to host the page for you. A quick glance into will reveal a plethora of hosting companies and possibilities. Therein is the problem: Which hosting company will provide the best possible options for your business? This article will help sort some of that out.


  • Refunds – If you are not happy, you will want your money back. Good hosting sites will do this with no questions.
  • Tech support – All good support is 24/7 – end of story.
  • Control panel – This is where you run the account. Email, stats, autoresponders and the like. It must be simple to use.
  • POP Email – This is an email addy hosted on the site. It gives validity to your site.
  • SSL – Secure Socket Layer is the way customers can shop online behind a secure server. Since you are a commercial enterprise, it is likely you will want to use this.
  • Shopping Cart – To use with the SSL. Vital to the site.
  • Password protected areas – Perfect for members only and special customers.
  • Disk space – A business will have lots of information. You will need ample room for it all.


This may seem elementary to some, but important to those who are looking to get started online with e- commerce. Use this a preliminary guide, and remember: if the hosting company does not have 100 percent of what you want, move on. 


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