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Magento 1.8

By Tom , 18 , Nov 2013

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Magento Community Edition 1.8   Those who use Magento know the 1.8 version has arrived. Many have been waiting to check it out before using it, so this article will .. Read More →

Finding a good hosting company

By Tom , 15 , Nov 2013

| findinghostingserverwebsite

Finding a good hosting company   Now that you have made the decision to move online with a webpage, contracted someone to build it, and have everything in order, it .. Read More →

redis magento

Howto install Redis magento cache

By Tom , 18 , Apr 2013

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Always see a lot of back and forth between Memcache and APC but havent seen much talk about Redis. Noticed some talk about Magento performance and cache issues which brought .. Read More →