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Free shipping does help you grow!

By Tom , 04 , Dec 2013

Free Shipping   There are many different aspects to consider when it comes to ways of increasing your sales. Even having the best products does not guarantee that your sales .. Read More →

Magento extensions improve sales

By Tom , 02 , Dec 2013

With a recent survey by Alexa demonstrating that Magento software is the most popular with eCommerce online businesses, the flexible and versatile nature of Magento plugins, extensions and overall architecture .. Read More →

Fast Magento hosting

By Tom , 25 , Nov 2013

Choosing the best web hosting service to meet your every need can be an extremely important decision to make. It is always best to find a provider, like Magento that .. Read More →

increase sales

Increase sales for Magento

By Tom , 23 , Nov 2013

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Speed Magento   If you are running an online business on Magento, then increasing your sales is the main goal. The more money coming in, the better off you are. .. Read More →

Magento 1.8

By Tom , 18 , Nov 2013

| 1.8 releasemagentomagento 1.8updates

Magento Community Edition 1.8   Those who use Magento know the 1.8 version has arrived. Many have been waiting to check it out before using it, so this article will .. Read More →

Finding a good hosting company

By Tom , 15 , Nov 2013

| findinghostingserverwebsite

Finding a good hosting company   Now that you have made the decision to move online with a webpage, contracted someone to build it, and have everything in order, it .. Read More →

ranking serp

Gaining rank on the SERP

By Tom , 14 , Nov 2013

| googleoptimalisationsearch engine optimizationSEOserp

Gaining rank on the SERP   search engine results page, of Google and other search engines is not as easy as it once was. Google constantly modifies and changes its .. Read More →

Backup your server with idera

By Tom , 05 , Nov 2013

| backupidera

Server Backups     A server is nothing worth without good backups. There are too many risks of disk corruption, failures or complete disasters, therefor it's always recommended to have .. Read More →


Change Magento session timeout

By Tom , 06 , May 2013

| magentosessiontime-out

Magento sets the admin session by default to expire after 3600 seconds (1 hour). This is how to change the session timeout System > Configuration > Admin > Security Set .. Read More →