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Speedup magento with enabling zlib compression

By Tom , 24 , Apr 2013

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Today i will describe a common problem with a slow performing magento shop. Magento is build from many scripts(5000+) which are all read on every request. This could load your .. Read More →

Magento 1.8 CE

Launch magento 1.8 CE and 1.13 enterprise

By Tom , 23 , Apr 2013

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The release of Magento 1.8 CE was one of the favorites on the Las vegas Magento Imagine eCommerce congress. Today it's finally launched as a Alpha version and available for .. Read More →


Make saving order in Magento checkout faster

By Dennie , 21 , Apr 2013

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Are you experiencing the problem that the more products you order in your Magento webshop, the more time it takes to save the order? This is probably caused by two .. Read More →

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More magento performance, less load with noatime

By Tom , 18 , Apr 2013

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This is great if you have a server that performs plenty of disk access operations and you are interested in speeding things up a bit and get more magento performance. .. Read More →

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Howto install Redis magento cache

By Tom , 18 , Apr 2013

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Always see a lot of back and forth between Memcache and APC but havent seen much talk about Redis. Noticed some talk about Magento performance and cache issues which brought .. Read More →


Slow Magento? 5 tweaks to get more performance!

By Tom , 08 , Apr 2013

Magento is right now the most complete and fully featured e-commerce system in our opinion, but unfortunately this does come at a price in performance. Whereas osCommerce, Zencart, CRE Loaded .. Read More →